The Best Things To See and Do in 10 Albanian cities

Over the past decade, Albania has earned a reputation among backpackers for friendly locals, cheap accommodation, and incredible sights. But it wonders aren’t just for the budget-conscious traveler. Here are the best things to see in 10 Albanian cities.


Most travelers to Albania keep Berat at the top of their list with good reason. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the oldest continuously-inhabited fortresses in Europe. The fortress itself is straight out of a different era with its foot-worn stone and medieval structures. But if visiting isn’t enough for you, take a room in one of the many guest houses inside the fortress.

What many visitors to Berat miss is the Cobo winery. Overflowing with Albanian grape varieties, this family-owned business is one of Albania’s premier wineries, specializing in locally-sourced and grown products. Stop in for a tasting and tour of the facilities on your way out of town and you won’t be disappointed.


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